Trailer Re-Visited

After having completed my final version of my trailer began to learn new skills that would increase the dramatic and cinematic effect within my trailer, I decided to colour grade my trailer prior to this what you were seeing was RAW footage editing in a sequence. By colour correcting and grading I was able to keep a consistent colour scheme throughout my trailer which helps to exaggerate each scene. I used the colour grading tools within Adobe Premiere Pro which is very easy to use and user friendly compared to some other external softwares that are available – This is a time lapse of how I edited my final trailer.

Audience Feedback

The overall feedback that was generated towards my Film Magazine was very positive and had very minimal negative feedback, which means that my magazine has appealed to my audience visually. They were aware that I took inspiration from “Little White Lies” format of how they structure their front page but were impressed by how I have adapted the style to my own.

My feedback mentioned that the magazine was very artistic and appealing to the eye because of all the small details included on the persons face drawn in with a normal ball point pen. They appreciated that my poster was not just a digital piece of work but involved traditional mediums of art such as drawing onto the image to adapt it to how I wanted it to look like. The cover is eye catching and complex which makes my audience more inclined to approach the magazine and pick it up because they are attracted to the visual aesthetics, they believe that it is very unique and is not reflective of conventional film magazines – therefore it challenges the current perception on film magazines. There was little feedback about what I could do to change in my magazine, however they believe that because my film magazine is so unconventional it would not be mass read because it does not or would not appeal to a mainstream psychographic. Instead they believe it would appeal more to inspirers and those in the demographics of C1 and above because that is where the niche markets will apply to, which is something I aimed for before making my final magazine cover.

I believe that I have successfully managed to complete a film magazine that appeals to the target audience I wanted and resembles and independent film magazine very well, I have managed to use the research I made in the beginning of my portfolio to structure a well presented magazine that allows me to capture the essence of Layla’s character.